Saint Anton Ambulatory Surgery Center

Saint Anton Ambulatory Surgery Center

The Saint Anton Ambulatory Surgery Center located in Houston texas City; offers the widest range of services focused on the patient in the areas of prevention, diagnosis and timely treatment of risks and diseases. As part of your care, Specialist Physicians at our Hospital work in conjunction with other teams of Specialists to determine the most appropriate treatment for your individual needs.

We have 40 years of experience in the area of ​​Ambulatory Surgery; In addition to having more than 60 Medical Specialists and Subspecialists in Ophthalmology, 70 Otolaryngologists, 50 Urologists, 120 Orthopedists, 110 General Surgeons and 50 Plastic Surgeons, we have State-of-the-art Infrastructure and Technology to be able to provide diagnostic certainty, through a comprehensive and multidisciplinary model with personalized attention within our facilities.

During your stay at the Saint Anton Ambulatory Surgery Center, you will have the peace of mind that you are within the facilities of a third-level hospital, with world-class quality, so you have full support in the event of complications. Those who are treated in our Unit can be sure that they will be receiving care of the highest safety and medical quality.

In addition, you will have permanently in the Ambulatory Surgery area with Specialist and Subspecialist Physicians and certified Health Personnel attached to our service.

In the hospitalization area of ​​Saint Antonyou will have a permanent team of health personnel that is made up of: An Assigned Physician in charge of the floor, Resident Physicians, Undergraduate Internal Physicians, Head of Floor Nurses, Nursing Staff, Staff of Nutrition, Pharmacovigilance and Stretcher-bearers.

Since 2013 we have been members of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, this allows us to work together with the Mayo Clinic, the #1 Hospital in the United States, according to US News & World Report.

Saint Anton was the first hospital outside the United States to affiliate with the Mayo Clinic Care Network. Since June 2018, Saint Anton is the first hospital outside the United States to have a Mayo Clinic office.

Outpatient Surgery - Rooms Médica Sur Copyright

Outpatient Surgery – Rooms Saint Anton Copyright

Why choose the Saint Anton Ambulatory Surgery Center

Our Medical Specialists at the Saint Anton Ambulatory Surgery Center have extensive knowledge, experience, and are nationally and internationally recognized in outpatient surgery procedures.

Saint Anton’s Specialist and Subspecialist Physicians work together to provide you with comprehensive care while taking the time to listen to you, answer your questions, and address your needs as a whole person.

At the Saint Anton Ambulatory Surgery Center we serve you with the highest speed, quality and safety in outpatient procedures.

You will have facilities that were designed for the comfort of our patients: they are accessible to people with disabilities, safe, comfortable and discreet, which allows us to take care of the privacy of those who come to us.


  • The procedures we perform have the same quality as those performed with hospitalization of more than one day.
  • The patient does not have to be hospitalized.
  • Our Doctors use minimally invasive techniques, so recovery is fast and in your home.
  • The complication rate of the procedures we perform is very low.
  • Our mortality rate is 0%, in Saint Anton at the national level < 1%. Transoperative infections <1%. Mortality (0.01%) nationwide.
  • Your safety is our priority.

The main offer we make to our patients is safety: we have a history of zero deaths and reinfection and readmission rates below the national average. Those who are treated in our Unit can be sure that they will be receiving care of the highest medical quality.

Our quality standards, both in daily operations and in medical care and auxiliary personnel, are periodically reviewed and certified by national bodies, such as the General Health Council, which is the highest Mexican authority on health quality issues. , and international, such as the Joint Commission International, the world’s largest hospital quality certifying body. This is another factor that acts in favor of your safety.

We present the security measures that we use at Saint Anton to avoid deaths and reinfection rates:

  • a) Appropriate preoperative assessment (Anaesthesiology).
  • b) Indication with ASA I-II Classification of Anesthesiology (operative risk).
  • c) Intraoperative monitoring.
  • d) Scheduled surgical procedures.
  • e) Avoid surgical emergencies.
  • f) The estimated duration of the procedures carried out in the Ambulatory Surgery Center should not exceed 90 minutes in cases where general anesthesia is used.
  • g) The procedures should not require the use of drains with high expenditure.
  • h) The procedures carried out in the Ambulatory Surgery Center must be carried out on patients whose estimated hospitalization time in the late recovery area does not exceed 24 hours.
  • i) Urgent surgeries should not be performed in the Ambulatory Surgery Center, except in the case of Ophthalmology surgeries.
    Areas and Services of the Saint Anton Ambulatory Surgery Center.

    Surgical procedures that we frequently perform in our Unit:


    • Basic knee arthroscopy.
    • Knee arthroscopy with menisci.
    • Knee arthroscopy with cartilage.
    • Hallux Valgus (bilateral).
    • Finger on the triger.
    • Removal of osteosynthesis material, tenodesis and removal of synovial cyst.
    • Shoulder arthroscopy.
    • Pulley release.


    • Lasik.
    • Lasik retouch.
    • Phacoemulsification with local anesthesia.
    • Phacoemulsification with general anesthesia.
    • Vitrectomy.
    • Phacoemulsification + Vitrectomy.
    • Pterygium resection.
    • Corneal Ring.
    • Retinal detachment.
    • Procedures related to glaucoma.
    • Correction of strabismus.
    • Surgery for chalazion.
    • Correction of palpebral ptosis.
    • Corneal transplant.

    specialized studies:

    • Corneal topography.
    • Yag laser (capsulotomy).
    • Argon laser (photocoagulation or retinal verification).


    • Functional rhinoseptoplasty.
    • Rhinoseptoplasty + Endoscopy.
    • Rhinoseptoplasty + Turbinates.
    • Aesthetic rhinoseptoplasty.
    • Rhinoseptoplasty + Blade Endoscopy.
    • Aesthetic + Functional Rhinoseptoplasty.
    • Rhinoseptoplasty + Turbinates + Endoscopy.
    • Rhinoseptoplasty + Turbinates + Blade Endoscopy.
    • Management of nocturnal snoring.
    • Sleep apnea.
    • Adenotonsillectomy.
    • Tympanoplasty.

    Plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery :

    • General lipectomy.
    • General liposuction.
    • Augmentation or reduction mammoplasty.
    • Rhytidectomy.
    • Removal of the nail apparatus.

    Laparoscopic surgery:

    • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy without bile ducts.
    • Fundoplication for hiatal hernia.
    • Inguinal and umbilical hernioplasty with mesh.
    • Bariatric Surgery.
    • Catheter placement.
    • Port catheter removal.

    Proctologic Surgery:

    • Hemorrhoidectomy.
    • Anal fistulas and fissures.
    • Anal Exploration.

    Urological Surgery:

    • Adult circumcision.
    • Pediatric circumcision.
    • Orchidopexy.
    • Varicolectomy.
    • Cystoscopy.
    • Vasectomy.
    • Testicular biopsies.

    Vascular surgery:

    • Treatment of varicose veins with Radiofrequency.
    • Treatment of arteriovenous fistulas.
    • Ligation of perforators.

    Surgical Dermatology:

    • Skin problems.
    • Acne sequelae.
    • Resection of basal cell carcinomas.

    How should I come prepared for my surgery:

    • Bring the indications provided by your Treating Physician.
    • Bring official identification.
    • Bring Letter of Authorization and credential if you have an insurance company.
    • Wear comfortable clothing.
    • Come accompanied by a family member.
    • Use of face masks.
    • Bring preoperative studies (ask for the battery of preoperative studies).

    Vanguard technology in the areas of diagnosis and treatment.

    At our Ambulatory Surgery Center we have teams of different specialties for minimally invasive surgeries. Since we have the latest in technological development to meet your needs with excellence and warmth.

    Below we present the equipment we have:

    KARL STORZ brand endoscope: used in paranasal sinus surgery, resection of tumors, nasal polyps and sinusitis.

    SHARPLAN brand CO2 laser: used in turbinate remodeling surgeries; to improve nasal breathing due to turbinate growth and uvulopalatoplasty surgery; to avoid snoring.

    BAUSCH & LOMB corneal topographer: used to examine the curvature, astigmatism meridians, and thickness of the cornea. The topographic map and computer analysis reveal any distortion or thinning of the cornea. This diagnostic procedure is essential to determine if the patient is a candidate for refractive surgery (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism). It is a diagnostic tool for keratoconus (thinning and cone-shaped deformation of the cornea) and also provides information for fitting rigid contact lenses.

    IRIS MEDICAL brand argon laser: photocoagulation to treat diabetic retinopathy, vascular occlusions and retinal tears.

    CARL ZEISS brand Nd-Yag laser: photodisruption to treat lens capsule opacities; in the postoperative period of cataract surgery, in the treatment of some vitreous opacities; in the cure and prevention of angle closure glaucoma.

    VISX brand Excimer Lasik: used for refractive surgery to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

    GYRUS brand microdebrider: used to more precisely remove different pathologies within endoscopic surgery, such as tumors, infectious processes and nasal polyps.

    ALCON brand focusemulsifier: ultrasound equipment with which, through ultrasonic vibration, the opaque crystalline lens (cataract) is destroyed and absorbed, to be replaced by a prosthesis (intraocular lens), using a microincision procedure.

    Vitrectome of the PHACO-VITRECTOR SYSTEM / OERTLI brand: used for vitrectomy in retinal detachment, vitreous hemorrhages and other pathologies such as macula diseases.

    Liposuctor: cosmetic surgery/liposculpture.

    South Copyright Medical Recovery Area

    South Copyright Medical Recovery Area

    Our Team of Medical Specialists.

    We have the largest and most select group of Certified Medical Specialists in various areas of medicine, for the performance of outpatient surgical procedures within a private Institution in Houston texas City, with national and international prestige.

    Your doctor will be the key piece since he is the expert who will request the previous exams, plan and execute the operation and follow up on the recovery process.

Our Pricing Plan

  • Dental Implant$45.00
  • Another Feature$50.00
  • Another Major Feature$55.00
  • Emergency Care$25.00
  • Prescription Drugs$30.00
  • Specialist Visits$20.00
  • Rheumatology$25.00

Meet Our Doctors

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 Saint Anton Ambulatory Surgery Center

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 Saint Anton Ambulatory Surgery Center

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