Saint Anton Check Up and Preventive Medicine Center

Saint Anton Check Up and Preventive Medicine Center

The Check Up and Preventive Medicine Center of Saint Anton located in Houston texas City; offers the widest range of services focused on the patient in prevention, diagnosis and treatment, consisting of consultations with specialist doctors and the necessary and sufficient tests to have a comprehensive diagnosis of your state of health. As part of your care, Physician Specialists work as a team to determine the most appropriate treatment for your individual needs.

Our Check ups last approximately 5 to 7 hours, which will allow you to carry out multiple medical assessments and laboratory and imaging studies, saving you time; and for your comfort within the same area we will provide you with a breakfast after your exams.

One advantage of being a large hospital is that during the Check Up process, if you require it, we have the staff and hospital infrastructure to refer you to the most appropriate specialist and receive the necessary treatment with the highest international standards.

We have 40 years of experience in the area of ​​Check Up and Preventive Medicine; in addition to having more than 50 medical specialists and subspecialists, infrastructure and cutting-edge technology to provide diagnostic certainty, through a comprehensive and multidisciplinary model with personalized and warm care within our facilities.

During your stay at the Saint Anton Check-Up and Preventive Medicine Center you will have certified specialists and subspecialists in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Ear Nose and Throat, Gynecology, Nutrition, Dentistry and Coloproctology; assigned to our service, who remain with you during your stay.

In addition, you will permanently have a team of certified health personnel that is made up of Administrative Personnel, Graduates in Nursing and General Nurses, Nutrition Personnel and Laboratory Personnel, who remain with you during your stay.

Since 2013 we have been members of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, this allows us to work together with the Mayo Clinic, the #1 Hospital in the United States, according to US News & World Report.

Saint Anton was the first hospital outside the United States to affiliate with the Mayo Clinic Care Network. Since June 2018, Saint Anton is the first hospital outside the United States to have a Mayo Clinic office.

Why choose the Saint Anton Check-Up and Preventive Medicine Center

At the Check Up and Preventive Medicine Center we evaluate your current state of health, we detect illnesses in a timely manner and we prevent complications of possible diseases in the medium term; We provide a comprehensive and multidisciplinary treatment of known diseases, in order to broaden your horizon of longevity and improve your quality of life.

At the Check Up and Preventive Medicine Center we seek to satisfy and meet the needs of each patient with the warmth and human quality that characterizes the Institution, offering the best medical services at affordable prices, using state-of-the-art technology as a diagnostic aid.

You will be evaluated by 9 specialist doctors and they will perform laboratory and imaging tests.

We have comprehensive packages aimed at:

• Adults.
• Older adults.
• Children..
• Athletes
• Oncological Patients and Heart Patients.These packages include medical evaluations and a complete medical history, which are supported by laboratory and cabinet tests, contributing to optimal health performance.

At Saint Anton  we distinguish ourselves by giving you warm and privileged care, with professional and friendly staff, who consider your time and needs. If you wish, we can even send you by email the basic medical questionnaire that everyone must fill out, so that you can complete it from home.

Through a consultation with an internist, either in person or online, we deliver your results along with the findings we found and we explain them clearly and in detail, approximately 15 days after your Check Up. As an additional

element security for your health, three months later we give you, free of charge, a follow-up consultation with the specialist indicated for your health condition.

Your results are evaluated by two internists from our department, to guarantee the highest quality in interpretation.

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  • Areas and Services of the Saint Anton Check-Up and Preventive Medicine Center
  • • Office of Internal Medicine.
    • Cardiology Office.
    • Ophthalmology Office.
    • Office of Otorhinolaryngology.
    • Orthopedic Clinic.
    • Dental Office.
    • Gynecology office.
    • Nutrition Office.
    • Office of Proctology.
    • Clinic for the Elderly and the Golden Age.
    • Women’s Care Clinic.
    • Foot and ankle clinic.
    • Eating disorders clinic.
    • Metabolism Clinic.
    • Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic.
  • Some Services we have:
  • • Cardiovascular diagnosis.
    • Electrocardiogram at rest.
    • Stress test.
    • Echocardiography.
    • Preoperative cardiovascular assessment.
    • Holter study.
    • Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.
    • Neurovascular Assessment. • Carotid Doppler. • Transcranial Doppler.
    • Assessment by a specialist in Neurology.• Magnetic resonance.
    • Colposcopy
    • Densitometry.
    • Consultation of Gynecology and Climacteric.
    • Osteoporosis care.
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    Reception – Saint Anton Checkup – Saint Anton Copyright

  • Our Team of Medical Specialists.
  • Our medical specialists at the Saint Anton Check-Up and Preventive Medicine Center have extensive knowledge, experience and are nationally and internationally recognized in prevention, diagnosis and treatment issues.Saint Anton’s medical specialists and subspecialists work together to provide you with comprehensive care while taking the time to listen to you, answer your questions, and address your needs as a whole person.At the Check Up and Preventive Medicine Center we have the following health personnel:
  • • Medical Specialist in Internal Medicine.
    • Medical Specialist in Ophthalmology.
    • Medical Specialist in Otorhinolaryngology.
    • Medical Specialist in Cardiology.
    • Medical Specialist in Dentistry.
    • Medical Specialist in Coloproctology.
    • Medical Specialist in Orthopedics.
    • Medical Specialist in Gynecology.
    • Medical Specialist in Nutrition.At Saint Anton, the patient is the center of all our efforts, so they will receive the best care through a multidisciplinary team, valuing their time. Results of your studies are readily available and appointments are scheduled in conjunction with our International Medicine staff.

  • Dental Implant45
  • Another Feature50
  • Another Major Feature55
  • Emergency Care25
  • Prescription Drugs30
  • Specialist Visits20
  • Rheumatology25

Meet Our Doctors

 Saint Anton Check Up and Preventive Medicine Center

Dr. Steven Roy

MBBS, M.D of Medicine


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 Saint Anton Check Up and Preventive Medicine Center

Dr. Tina Rahman

BDS, FCPS (Hons), PhD

MBBS, M.D of Medicine

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 Saint Anton Check Up and Preventive Medicine Center

Dr. Zinia Zara

MBBS, M.D of Medicine


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 Saint Anton Check Up and Preventive Medicine Center

Dr.Zinia Zara

MBBS, M.D of Medicine

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